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Jonah is getting far too chummy which have Connie therefore Amy informs Ron one to Jonah wants art

Jonah is getting far too chummy which have Connie therefore Amy informs Ron one to Jonah wants art

“Super Beautiful Store”: If the store’s heat malfunctions, Amy finds out an effective pallet away from natural yogurt leaking on the floor. She requires this new Warehouse manager y facilitate a buyers when you look at the the new dressing up bedroom, Jonah produces a customers whom tucked on the dripping natural yogurt. Amy and you will Jonah go into the Factory to ascertain as to why Marcus didn’t deal with the spill. His personnel are really hot very Amy says she’s going to get one out of this lady individuals to handle they. Given that she actually is making, Marcus phone calls their a beneficial sourpuss and you will says to this lady so you can look significantly more. Amy announces on P.A good. system that facility team are responsible for washing the pour. Jonah mediates the fresh new dispute anywhere between Amy and you will y fireplaces Marcus. The Factory team strolls off to protest y’s staff to help you empty a trailer. Amy try strolling in reverse carrying an enormous container with Jonah, glides and you will flies off a running roller and you can affects the woman arm. Amy and you will Jonah stay additional into the packing bay. As they speak, both begin impression like themselves again and don’t forget they fired y and you may Jonah just be sure to figure out how to rating ing the new temperatures. Amy cancels the new firing and you will “warns” your.

Amy teases Garrett on the sex with Dina very the guy tells Dina you to Amy is to play hooky regarding performs the day ahead of

“Wellness Reasonable”: Into the Glenn’s Workplace, Glenn is on the phone that have Amy who’s calling for the ill. Dina overhears and informs Glenn she is faking. Amy was faking observe a motion picture that have dy hides because the she sees Jeff outside of the movies and to their wonder, watches just like the Mateo looks and you may kisses Jeff. A day later regarding the Break Room, Dina tries to rating Amy to acknowledge she is faking getting ill. Amy tells Cheyenne and you can Garrett you to definitely she noticed Jeff with Mateo. It currently realized the key which is determined one to she must not get involved. Amy asks Cheyenne and you will Garrett why they failed to give their the fresh new information regarding Sandra. Amy believes she will enhance things in the event the she collects all group and you may tries to cover Sandra’s attitude. Amy tries to transform everybody’s bad views regarding Sandra by lying. Cheyenne lays that Sandra are expecting just as Glenn enters this new area. Amy asks everyone to save which hushed but Glenn would like to bundle a child shower. Mateo has discovered the fresh new pregnancy sit and asks Amy and you may Cheyenne how they are likely to correct it. Regarding the Crack Space, Sandra appear tidy and of many frustrating gifts are found which Amy requires the fresh fault.

Amy face Mateo and you will finds out the scenario – he has been dating Jeff all of the collectively and you may Sandra features been lying

“Integrity Honor”: At packing dock, Jonah grabs Amy milling the new things to the an affect 9 Delivery Vehicle. The guy learns she’s using the vehicle to help the girl mothers disperse and will be offering to get. Jonah and you may Amy come to Amy’s parent’s home. Jonah is happy to ask uncomfortable questions relating to Amy but she claims the lady parents reaches the domestic normally she would never have introduced your. Yet not, Connie and Ron is actually home as there are plenty of loading remaining to-be over. Ron provides a room filled up with portraits he or she is decorated off superstars. The guy informs Jonah they can capture one which the guy hesitantly do, following Ron wishes $30 because of it. Jonah suits Amy inside her room that is decorated with lots of photographs regarding Scott Wolf. The guy observes he has got a lot in accordance including are into new argument class and you can liking cinema. Amy believes the packing can’t ever have finished until Jonah states she should just let it rest so you can the girl mothers to complete and you can go. They climb from window. Today regarding the beginning vehicle, an encumbrance have increased out of Amy and you can she and you can Jonah is actually vocal while they force away to get results. They show up right back at the shop to see they becoming evacuated. Amy states the employees can handle no matter what problem is and they push away to features dinner and you will consume it on the vehicle and talk about the 90’s star crushes.